• At Startups, GC's Age Isn't Just a Number

    The average age of the top lawyer at a so-called unicorn company is a relatively young 43, The Recorder found. But at some companies, that can seem almost Mesozoic.

  • Plaintiffs Lawyers Take a Liking to Employee Defamation Claims

    Suits by workers against employers are on the rise, said Rudy Exelrod's David Lowe, who recently won a $4 million judgment.

  • Barometer: Alsup Free After Messy Trial

  • Public IP Companies Feel the Pinch

    Changed patent climate could doom smaller publicly traded patent assertion entities like Joe Beyers' Inventergy.

  • Uber Hires Privacy Lawyer from Apple

    Sabrina Ross is Uber's fourth privacy hire.

  • Bank Rate Rigging Settlement Sparks Antitrust Class Action

    A team of San Francisco plaintiffs lawyers wasted no time filing a suit based on the Justice Department's plea deal with five major banks.

  • Suit Accuses Oculus Founder of Double-Crossing Early Backers

    Two men represented by Quinn Emanuel claim Palmer Luckey passed off their joint work on virtual reality technology as his own.

  • Cartoon: Kozinski Gets Reined In

  • Federal Circuit Considers Blurry Edges of IPR Appealability

    In a case of first impression, Oblon's Greg Gardella argues only the PTAB's formal written decisions are appealable.

  • Yelp Stuck Battling Reviewer Suit

    A Florida attorney has persisted in his claims that Yelp cheated its reviewers out of wages, accusations the company's senior director of litigation calls outrageous.

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