• Walmart Likes to Keep In-House E-Discovery 'Flexible'

    When pressed on whether he favors insourcing, outsourcing or contracting to a third party, senior associate general counsel Aaron Crews said he keeps things flexible.

  • Can Social Media Use Violate Restrictive Covenants?

    Use of social media for career development is pervasive, and when combined with the popularity of noncompete and nonsolicitation clauses, legal problems arise.

  • Outcry Follows SEC Hire of Goldman Sachs In-House Lawyer

    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairwoman Mary Jo White chose Andrew Donohue, an in-house counsel from Goldman Sachs Group Inc., to become her next chief of staff. And critics are howling over the move.

  • PTAB: Not a Property Rights 'Death Squad'

    A study shows a much more nuanced portrait of the patent appeals board.

  • Hands Off That Whistleblower

    The SEC joins the chorus of federal agencies that have made their policies in this area clear.

  • First Dibs

    As Microsoft seeks to do an end-run, the ITC says, 'Not so fast.'

  • Picking His Poison

    A general counsel explains why his company won't settle with patent trolls.

  • Dropping the F-Bomb on the Boss

    The NLRB says that in this case, it's fine, because it's protected speech.

  • Lex Machina Adds Tools for Copyright and Trademarks

    Search time is said to be reduced from hours to mere seconds.

  • 12-Step Security

    Data robbers want your stuff. Here's how to fend them off.

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