• Connecting the Ops

    Legal operations professionals launch a conference of their own.

  • Subpar Justice?

    Critics complain about the SEC's administrative proceedings, and a judge finally agrees.

  • Calling Out the SEC

    A high-profile senator lets the world know that she's disappointed with a high-profile chairwoman.

  • Courting Disclosure

    Advocates of open government press the justices to release their financial forms.

  • Beyond Deceptive

    Regulators may not be able to define 'abusive,' but they know it when they see it.

  • Moving Offline

    A lawyer migrates from a virtual world to the tangible kind; and other Moves.

  • Deals & Suits

  • End of Privacy or End of Litigation?

    Defense lawyers express confidence that privacy class actions are waning.

  • Schooled in Discovery

    Law schools partner with an outsourcing shop to create residencies.

  • Feeling Creaky at 37

    General counsel at startups may be the oldest 'kids' in the room.

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