• Law-Breaking Company Offers to Build Houses for Habitat

    The normal drill for punishment in federal court is prison time, fines or probation. But a North Branford-based construction company that ran afoul of the law is asking U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Arterton to consider sentencing the company to build two homes.

  • Son's Death Inspires Conn. Attorney's Nepal Relief Efforts

    In 2008, Jeremy Saxe spent a semester abroad in Nepal. A philosophy major at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, he was profoundly affected by his experiences, and was especially disappointed by the poor local schools. A little girl in the family with which he was staying wanted to be a nurse. He didn't see how that was going to happen with the limited curriculum offered.

  • Feds Settle With Ambulance Companies for $595,000

    Two ambulance services covering the majority of Fairfield County have agreed to a $595,000 settlement with the federal government to resolve allegations that they inappropriately billed the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

  • Restaurant Wins Defense Verdict After Diner's Fall

    Frieda Battipaglia v. Chuck Wagon Restaurant LLC: An elderly woman who fell while entering a popular Litchfield County restaurant and shattered her hip and shoulder was unable to convince a jury that the restaurant should be liable for her injuries.

  • Lawyer Accused of Stealing $1.8 Million from Client's Estate

    A long-time Woodbury attorney has been arrested and accused of stealing more than $1.8 million from the estate of an Oxford woman who died in 2010.

  • Immigration Attorney Cultivates Successful Wine-making Business

    Carlos Candal says that running his wine company can be more difficult than operating his New Haven law practice. At the very least, said the founder of Fat Gaucho Wines, it involves an equally steep learning curve.

  • Family Law Bar Sees Pros, Cons of Fast-Track Divorce Bill

    Legislation that would make it easier for some married couples in Connecticut to get a divorce quickly and without a court hearing has prompted some concerns among matrimonial lawyers that divorcing spouses won't be getting legal advice they might need.

  • Norm Pattis: Ignorance of Law Is Good Reason for CLE

    I've never been a fan of arbitration and mediation. Loosey-goosey fact-finding is dangerous. The rules of evidence matter, and mastery of those rules best equips a lawyer to present reliable information.

  • Commentary: Violent Actions of Mentally Ill People Aren't Predictable

    As the associate executive director of the Connecticut Legal Rights Project, which provides legal services to adults with mental health conditions, and a member of the governor's Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, I must respond to the May 4 guest commentary "When Rights of the Mentally Ill Affect Public Safety."

  • Cellular Companies to Pay Conn. $374,000 in 'Data Cramming' Settlement

    Connecticut and the 49 other states have reached settlements with Verizon Wireless and Sprint worth $158 million over allegations that the mobile giants allowed phony charges on their customers' monthly bills so they could keep a cut of the profit.

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