• Owner Claims Forged Affidavit Filed for Her in Foreclosure Case

    A judge is being asked to consider a foreclosure defense attorney's request to withdraw from a case where the firm is accused of filing a forged affidavit. The noteholder's attorney wants sanctions.

  • Yacht Charter Plans First US-Cuba Voyage Under Relaxed Rules

    A Palm Beach yacht owner says he will be the first to sail into Cuba under new U.S. rules when he leaves Key West wiith 12 passengers.

  • Retired Miami-Dade Judge 'Tam' Wilson Dies at 71

    Retired Circuit Judge Thomas "Tam" Wilson, best known for presiding over the voter fraud case in the Miami mayoral race between Xavier Suarez and Joe Carollo, died after a long illness.

  • Does Case of Ex-FBI Agent Make Bad Law?

    Third DCA Chief Judge Richard Suarez, whose panel majority decision was overturned, wants the Florida Supreme Court to rule on cases where the weapon is "spatially and temporally distant" from the crime.

  • Upcoming DBR Surveys: Get Your Nominations In

  • Miami Airport Marriott Complex Gets $99 Million Loan

    The $99 million loan marks the latest in a summer of hot South Florida hotel deals.

  • What Will $20 Million Get You? Buildable Waterfront Lot in Miami Beach

    The 37,895-square-foot parcel combines three lots facing west on Biscayne Bay.

  • E-Discovery: The Devil Is in the Data

    Attorneys are encouraged to learn to use cutting-edge technology to hone their e-discovery skills, write attorney Franklin Zemel and Jordan B. Isrow.

  • Barrel Racers, Pari-Mutuels Challenge Proposed Gambling Rules

    Three newly filed legal challenges accuse gambling regulators of overstepping their authority with proposed rules that would prohibit obstacles on horse tracks, force jockeys to wear white pants and protective equipment such as helmets and require jai alai frontons to be covered.

  • State on the Lookout for Workers' Comp Fraud in Construction

    The state looks for contractors who set up sham workers' compensation coverage, which saves on premiums and taxes, writes attorney Ralf R. Rodriguez.

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