• Judge Rejects Federal Pre-emption Defense in Caterpillar MDL

    Caterpillar Inc. has failed to persuade a federal judge in Camden that multidistrict litigation over allegedly defective diesel engines it made for buses is preempted by the Clean Air Act.

  • Gay Marriage Ruling Not a Clear Windfall for Lawyers

    In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, observers were quick to point out the obvious benefits to family practitioners. Weeks later, however, lawyers in family and related practice areas in New Jersey appear skeptical whether significant business gains are in the offing.

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  • Justices OK Use of Recall Judges

    The New Jersey Supreme Court on July 30 rejected a constitutional challenge to the use of recall judges, where judges who have passed the mandatory retirement age of 70 are temporarily recalled to active service to help handle ever-increasing caseloads.

  • I Witnessed an Execution

    An argument for diversionary programs for some DWI offenders.

  • Judge's Research Reveals Era When Courts Relied on 'Word of God'

    A reminder that courts were an integral part of the establishment of a new civilization in the North American wilderness.

  • County Must Share in Dam Safety Costs, Appeals Court Rules

    Gloucester County is obligated under New Jersey's Safe Dams Act to share in the cost of repair and safety improvements for three dams following recent case law clarifying who is considered a dam's owner, the Appellate Division has ruled.

  • Alimony Not Based on Marriage Length Alone, Justices Say

    Trial judges handling divorce cases in which alimony is being sought must consider more than just the length of the marriage when determining what type, if any, alimony is to be awarded, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled July 29.

  • Firm Partnership Spat to Proceed Following Lawyer's Death

    A civil suit lodged by a former partner of New Jersey firm Kern Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann, claiming he was expelled from the firm after falling ill, is set to move forward following the lawyer's recent death.

  • Court Approves Hoboken Affordable Housing Law

    A New Jersey appeals court on July 28 upheld the validity of the city of Hoboken's affordable housing ordinance, which requires homebuilders to designate at least 10 percent of their houses available to low- and middle-income buyers.

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