• Suit Claims Norris McLaughlin Fought Dirty in Stakeholder Scuffle

    A recently filed suit claims New Jersey firm Norris McLaughlin & Marcus meddled with a company's business operations on behalf of a group of investors embroiled in a corporate power struggle.

  • Court: No Contact Needed for Leaving-the-Scene Conviction

    An automobile is not required to have actually struck a pedestrian for the driver to be convicted of leaving the scene of a fatal accident, a New Jersey appeals court has ruled in a case of first impression.

  • 'Bridge of Spies' a Reminder of Lawyers' Important Duty

    This new movie tells of the 1957 trial and conviction of Rudolph Abel, a Soviet spy, and his later exchange on a bridge between East and West Berlin for Francis Gary Powers, an Air Force U-2 spy pilot, brought down over Russia.

  • The First Amendment Is in Danger on U.S. Campuses

    Talk about walking on eggshells. What is an advocate of free speech, or even someone who supports the concept of the First Amendment, to think of the disturbing trend toward trigger warnings, "safe spaces" and vicious attacks on ideas that should be perpetually up for debate at many of our major universities?

  • Suits & Deals: Middlesex County Jury Awards $3M in Auto Case Alleging Back Injuries

    A man who allegedly sustained back injuries in a T-bone collision was awarded $3 million by a Middlesex County jury Sept. 30 in his suit, Angeles v. Nieves.

  • Prosecutors Hit Back at Bridgegate Defendants' Discovery Gripes

    The U.S. Department of Justice has vigorously denied claims by Bridgegate defendants William Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly that the government is holding back critical evidence in the case.

  • New Jersey Mergers & Acquisitions

    New Jersey Mergers & Acquisitions.

  • Intellectual Property

    Articles in the latest Law Journal supplement cover reverse settlement agreements, drafting software patents, inter partes review and the pharmaceutical industry, the post-AIA landscape, and Gilead's $1K hepatitis pill.

  • Meet the Big Law Refugees Challenging Gilead's $1K Hepatitis Pill

    Sovaldi, the hepatitis C wonder drug, costs $1,000 a pill. Law-savvy advocates are fighting back.

  • The 'Saffer' Rule: Is It Time to Reconsider?

    It is time for New Jersey to return to the mainstream by permitting a disgorgement of fees, but not the recovery of the fees, in pursuing a malpractice action.

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