• Personal Injury

    What if you become sick or sustain an injury while traveling abroad? In light of all of the personal injuries that occur at baseball stadiums, is it time for a revision to the traditional "baseball rule"? Plus, 10 personal injury awards worth noting.

  • Court Holds Agents Bound to Disclose Fatal Accident in Home

    An appellate court has ordered two real estate agents to stand trial for failing to tell the buyers of a $2.3 million home that its elevator was the scene of a deadly accident.

  • Billing Scrutiny Creates Tension Between Firm and Client

    Legal bill scrutiny in its many forms?internally by legal departments, by nonlawyer staff elsewhere in the company, by third-party auditors, or via e-billing software?has the potential to affect how and when law firms get paid, which can strain the relationship between firms and their clients.

  • Justices Asked to Review Cause of Cooper CEO's Death

    The sons of former Cooper Health System CEO John Sheridan Jr. have asked the New Jersey Supreme Court to reverse the state medical examiner's determination that their father's death was a suicide.

  • Court: Judge Violated Due Process in Domestic Violence Case

    A New Jersey appeals court has ordered a new trial for a Morris County man who had a domestic violence restraining order lodged against him, finding that he was prevented from defending himself and convicted based on flimsy evidence.

  • Dickinson Debevoise Embodied Justice On and Off the Bench

    For many of us, it is difficult to remember a federal judiciary in New Jersey without U.S. District Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise. His recent passing, at 91, reminds us of what we admire most in judicial officers: intelligence, integrity, a demeanor that demonstrates respect for all litigants and counsel, and an inherent sense of justice.

  • Allow Home Mortgage Write-Downs Under Chapter 13

    Congress is unlikely to amend or repeal the bar on home mortgage write-downs in Chapter 13 consumer debt restructurings, but doing so would go a long way towards clearing up the glut of residential foreclosures.

  • Verdicts: $35,000 jury award in UIM case

    Servius v. Perez; Union County Superior Court; Feb. 3, 2015.

  • Jared Fogle's Case Reminds Us, How Should We Deal With Those Caught With Child Porn?

    While their crime is very serious, studies show that those who possess (not make) child pornography can be rehabilitated.

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