• AG Won't Charge Centre County DA

    State Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced July 31 that the embattled Centre County district attorney accused of forging a judge's signature will not face criminal charges following a statewide grand-jury investigation.

  • Obama Nominates Four Pa. Judges to Federal Bench

    President Obama has selected four Pennsylvania judges, three from the western portion of the state and one from Philadelphia, to fill vacancies on the federal bench.

  • Phila. Firms May Be Forced Into Closing for Papal Visit

    Griesing Law's view of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, from the cathedral to the art museum, offered up a perfect spot to host a party to watch the pope's highly anticipated September sermon along that route. But the firm quickly decided against the party and instead will close up shop entirely for three days during the 2015 World Meeting of Families.

  • Suit Against City Over Child's Pool Death Allowed to Proceed

    A Philadelphia judge has allowed a lawsuit against the city involving a child's death at a swimming pool to move forward, despite the city's argument that it has governmental immunity.

  • Former Same-Sex Partner's Life-Insurance Claims Revived

    The state Superior Court has revived a man's efforts to claim the life-insurance benefits of his former same-sex domestic partner.

  • Encroachment and Franchisee Claims of Constructive Termination

    Encroachment is a term used in the franchise industry to describe sales and revenues being transferred from one location to another because of their proximity. If a new location is established near an existing franchise location, then it is possible that existing sales will be transferred from the old location to the new. Litigants sometimes claim the encroachment is so extensive so as to threaten the viability of the existing location. In these instances, claims have been asserted for constructive termination because the existing location is alleged to no longer be viable. More likely, the claim for constructive termination is not viable.

  • Ruling on Economic Favoritism Puts 'NC Dental' Back in Spotlight

    In a recent opinion, a divided panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that an economic regulation passed by a state agency solely to protect one group from competition would not violate the constitutional guarantees of due process or equal protection. The court noted that such action might still violate antitrust laws, but went no further since no antitrust claim had been raised in the case. At least in the Second Circuit, this decision raises the stakes in future cases interpreting the scope of state-action immunity under the antitrust laws.

  • People in the News - Aug. 3, 2015 - Feldman Joins Friedman Schuman

    Jeffrey S. Feldman joined Friedman, Schuman, Applebaum and Nemeroff as a principal in the litigation practice area.

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  • Alternate Fuel-Tank Designs Discoverable in Daimler Case

    A federal judge has allowed a plaintiff to conduct discovery on alternate fuel-tank designs in the case of a man who burned to death in a fire caused by a fuel tank rupture on a truck manufactured by Daimler subsidiary Freightliner.

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