• Meet Our Top 20 Extraordinary Minorities

    There is no doubt that the 20 attorneys profiled have made significant contributions to law and lawyering in Texas. They stand up for the powerless, guide powerful corporations and extend a helping hand to the next generation of attorneys. Congratulations to these amazing lawyers.

  • Manuel Berrelez | 37

    A lawyer's belief in him as a client is one of the reasons Manuel Berrelez wanted to become an attorney.

  • Fort Worth Courthouse Gives Defense Lawyers Security Bypass

    "Just because it gets me in doesn't mean it gets me to a courtroom any faster," said Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Kenny Mullen, who said a badge will get him past the courthouse's security line, but not into its busy elevators.

  • Fifth Circuit Vacates Jailed Lawyer's Contempt

    "She ordered me taken hostage for my client failing to comply to what she wanted done. I don't know that any judge has the power to jail a client's lawyer until the client does what they want them to do," said Dan Sheehan.

  • Paxton Pleads Not Guilty, Loses Lawyer

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's not-guilty plea was not a surprise. The withdrawal of his lead lawyer, Joe Kendall, was.

  • Plaintiffs' Catnip: Fifth Circuit's Cat's Paw Ruling

    Texas plaintiffs counsel welcomed a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruling upholding employees' use of a "cat's paw" theory of liability when they allege that their employers retaliated against them for complaining about discrimination.

  • Appellate Lawyer of the Week: Winning a Bad-Luck Case

    "Judge Atlas actually said the case had bad luck," Robert McKnight said. "That's in the transcript when they're talking about the chalkboard. But some of the luck was good."

  • Newsmakers: Week of August 31

    Glenn A. Ballard Jr. has joined Dentons as managing partner of the firm's Houston office and a member of the litigation and dispute practice.

  • VerdictSearch: Female Factory Worker Who Claimed Pay Disparity Gets $72,500 Settlement

    A factory worker who claimed sex-based wage discrimination, disability discrimination and retaliation, agreed to a $72,500 settlement on July 31.

  • Judge Michael Schneider Takes Senior Status

    U.S. District Judge Michael Schneider of Tyler, who is the Eastern District of Texas' most mobile jurist, will take senior status on Jan. 7, 2016.

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