• 5th Circuit Scrutinizes Voter ID Law, Lawmaker Intent

    Fifth Circuit Judge Haynes: "People are going to be less overt about discrimination, they are not going to get on the floor of the Texas House and say, 'Let's suppress minority voting.'"

  • Judge Rejects Health Worker's Case for Firing

    On April 9, a federal judge dismissed a wrongful termination and protected speech case brought against a mental health agency.

  • Top Texas Firms

    Six large Texas firms based in Houston or Dallas are among the nation's 100 highest-grossing firms as ranked on The American Lawyer's Am Law 100 report.

  • Ride to the Top: Six Flags' GC Successfully Navigates the Twists and Turns from Firm to In-House

    Seeing the joy and excitement in a customer's face is not something many general counsels get to experience. But as the general counsel for Six Flags Entertainment Corp., Lance Balk said he gets to see screaming visitors every time he tours one of the company's amusement parks.

  • Best Practices: Expertise and Responsiveness

    Lance Balk is general counsel of Six Flags Entertainment Corp. Freelancer reporter Lindsey Juarez emailed Balk some questions about best practices. His answers are below edited for length and style.

  • Bill to Curb Patent Trolls is Superfluous

    As written, SB 1187 appears to be directed at certain prolific NPEs, but its provisions are likely untenable.

  • Federal Patent Reform: Some Proposals Follow Texas' Lead

    Some reforms actually move in the direction that judges in the Eastern District have already taken and also adopt procedures used in Texas' Western District.

  • New USPTO Guidelines Clarify Software Patent Eligibility

    The recently revised USPTO guidelines for subject matter eligibility offer an effective summary of the case law post-Alice, and should be closely considered by any attorney representing patent owners.

  • Contempt for Taylor Swift's Trademark Portfolio Misplaced?

    The contempt in the coverage of Taylor Swift's trademark portfolio was especially misplaced given the context of the administrative approval needed for registration.

  • "Hack" Your Way Through Challenges

    Once upon a time, the word "hack" was a term of derision. No more. Now, it is gaining an elevated place as a word meaning a shortcut to fixing a challenge, a way to get a quick flash solution. So, let's dip these following problems into the fryer and see the "hacks" emerging, hopefully, crisp and tasty.

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