• Energy Future Holdings Poised to Hand Over Oncor to Bankruptcy Creditors

    Since April 2014, Energy Future Holdings has been embroiled in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy suit in Delaware. In a recent surprise move, Energy Future Holdings attorneys announced in the bankruptcy court that they now have an agreement with multiple creditors to hand over Oncor.

  • Texas Politicians React to Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

    Republican leaders condemned the high court's decision as an attack on religious liberty, while Democrats rejoiced in the ruling as a victory for human rights.

  • Top of Her Game

    For Liz Bonesio, corporate counsel at Dallas-based Topgolf International Inc., every day is a hole-in-one.

  • We All Eventually Stumble Into Dark Times?These Books Will Help Find the Way Out

    Each and every one of us suffers loss. We all lose our way. Dante instructs us on how to return to the path, and leave the dark wood wherein we all will? sooner or later?find ourselves.

  • Dallas Federal Court Grants Yahoo's Motion to Compel

    The court did so in a breach-of-contract dispute between Yahoo and Dallas-based prize insurer SCA Promotions, which began more than a year ago, after Yahoo decided to halt an online betting contest for the 2014 NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

  • Same-Sex Marriage Decision a Win for Employers?

    Truth to tell, most employers would prefer not to become involved in the details of their employees' personal lives. But from tax withholding to benefits administration, employers have no choice but to collect identifying information about their workers and, in many cases, those workers' family arrangements.

  • Ex Parte Communications with Putative Class Members in an FLSA Collective Action

    It is important to develop a fair, consistent message to be communicated with employees who are potential class members.

  • Paxton Lawyers Up as Case Heads to Grand Jury

    Joe Kendall will be Texas AG Ken Paxton's lawyer in a case that alleges that Paxton violated state securities law. The AG is also getting legal advice from other high-profile Dallas lawyers, Matt Orwig and Bob Webster.

  • Emails Between Texas Clerks Reveal Frustration With Texas Leaders

    The emails, obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in an information request, indicate that the Texas clerks feel a little hung out to dry regarding those who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

  • Houston Lawyer Settles Some Legal Problems

    Houston bankruptcy lawyer Calvin Braun negotiates plea deal in criminal case.

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